Monica Vinader has always been creative and before her business even began she recognised a value in creating personalised pieces, a trend which now dominates the jewellery industry.

That’s where it really began for the eponymous brand founder – making bespoke jewels for private clients. But it was really the response from those early recipients that highlighted a gap in the market for pieces that bridged the gap between fine and fashion jewellery — something she’s renowned for a little over ten years on.

Launching a business in 2008 was no easy feat though. Monica and her sister, the company’s chief operating officer, struggled to raise funds amidst the backdrop of a global recession, but took matters into their own hands by taking out a loan to fund a trial period through the Christmas season.


With the markets crashing, more and more women were gaining an appetite for what is now known as ‘demi-fine’ jewellery, and the brand got off to a positive start.

At first the company gained traction in the UK by selling jewellery online and in small boutiques, then in 2010 the business received VC funding to open a store on South Molton Street.

Today the brand has multiple stores in London, alongside concessions inside the country’s leading luxury department stores, and concept boutiques around the world.

By quickly responding to trends and new ways of shopping jewellery, Monica Vinader continues to surprise and delight the modern woman.