Anuj Sahny’s family have been in the diamond trading business for more than 40 years, so it’s fair to say he knows a thing or two about how the global market place works.

He is now applying that vast depth of knowledge to the mainland European market, where his company, Aria Designs, has spent the past three years carving out a reputation for supplying high quality natural diamonds and jewellery that meets the standards expected by even the most discerning retail operator.

In a relatively short space of time, Aria has demonstrated an ability to build trust within the industry and uphold the values that are central to Sahny’s philosophy.


“We work with high quality natural diamonds and have in our atelier some of the most talented goldsmiths and setters,” he explains. “Since everything is made in the EU, we are offering quality and quick service with our jewellery. Our modern, classic styles are liked and appreciated by customers and retailers. We also make bespoke jewellery, which has become a growing niche jewellery market.”

We are targeting retailers that want a high-end product made exclusively in Europe and at a price they can market very quickly”

The company was all set to kick off its UK expansion strategy in March, but as Covid-19 forced the country into lockdown Sahny was left with no choice but to take a step back. He says that some of the things he had in mind have been put on hold, but he is still very keen to tie up with retailers or agents.

“We are targeting retailers that want a high-end product made exclusively in Europe and at a price they can market very quickly and attract many customers into their shops,” he says of the company’s strategy.

“Our collection starts at €500 and ranges up to €10,000 but we do have more expensive and exclusive jewellery as well. We want to concentrate on this price range as it is a price range that everyone can buy regularly. With us they receive a high quality jewellery piece and new modern styles to match women’s outfits.”

A clear focus on ethical practices, particularly in terms of diamond sourcing, underpins Sahny’s ethos. The company prides itself on operating to the highest possible standards and has stringent protocols in place to ensure this is the case.

“We work directly from mines to market, as per De Beers’ policy. We are working with mainly DTC rough and Alrosa rough. We do not buy or sell any conflict diamonds and we deal only with naturally-mined diamonds. All diamond production is done with proper standards in Belgium and India.”

After production, all diamonds arrive back to Aria Designs’ office in Belgium for final checks, assortment and grading. It keeps full control of all its channels in production, and is fully Kyc and Aml ready. “We are one of a very select few companies that have been approved by the Antwerp government as an official trade ambassador for diamonds and jewellery in Belgium,” he says.

Covid-19 might have put a temporary spanner in the works of Aria’s UK masterplan, but it certainly hasn’t altered Sahny’s long-term belief that the brand has got a bright future ahead on these shores.