While men’s jewellery will always be a smaller share of the market compared to ladies, it’s a growing sector, and one many jewellers are failing to capitalise on.

Quite often a jeweller will only take on a small selection of men’s jewellery pieces and place that offering in between female products and imagery. These same retailers will then often argue that they aren’t seeing many men’s jewellery sales, but it’s easy to see why.

Unique & Co’s founder shares: “Men don’t research too much about jewellery like women. They buy things more spontaneous and buy it when they see and like it. So for men it’s important to see a nice selection of jewellery which they easily can try and decide quickly.  So the display and POS of product is important, but retailers also need to have a nice selection in the shop and not only a few items.”


Curran echoes: “All retail space is at a premium, until men’s jewellery gets the same opportunity to showcase their product as women, then it will begin to make a serious impact, just look at what men’s watches can achieve.”

Department stores are leading the way and allocating a specific space for men’s jewellery to breathe and attract its target audience.

Thomas Sabo has also played with this idea at its flagship in London where it has opened a dedicated men’s jewellery suite dubbed the ‘Rebel Room’.

The brand’s new managing director, Tony Bjork, shares: “We think men’s jewellery is a huge opportunity that no one has taken and we want to take that opportunity. Communication wise, we are talking about it more than ever before, in our store in South Morton Street we have made an environment where we believe men can specifically focus and feel comfortable coming into it.”

When asked what retailers can do the boost men’s jewellery sales, he replies: “I think they can do a lot because the male shoppers are out there and we also see a lot of women actually buying for men. So first of all you need a good assortment and you also need a place in your store so it doesn’t feel like you go to women’s underwear department looking for something for you – so you need to separate it.”

Ozel adds: “As a brand we will further invest heavily in new products and marketing. We have to develop and offer more innovation in product, but also marketing. The marketing is important to make men aware to wear more jewellery. From a retailer perspective I think they need to give it more attention and space in the shops, because there is still quite a lot of potential and growth possible in this segment. If they can attract more men to their shops, they will profit and sell also more ladies jewellery.”


Photo credit: Thomas Sabo