The National Association of Jewellers (NAJ) has announced a partnership with Bransom Retail Systems Ltd, with a view to enable more retailers to migrate to a digital platform. 

The initiative will offer an affordable, entry-level, cloud-based EPoS system for jewellery retailers who currently rely on manual systems and paper receipts, to enter the modern world of electronic Point of Sale, e-receipts and simple business reporting, in order to gain valuable business data on the state of the market.

The partnership will enable companies to access the new Bransom PoS system at an affordable price, and by signing up to allow their sales data to be compiled and aggregated with other user’s data, to contribute to a pool of industry sales data.


All reports will be anonymous, and no individual consumer’s data will be reported, nor will the performance of an individual shop or business be identified.

All of the individual sales data will be amortised into a single dataset, and from here users will be able to see the overall sales figures and how sales are split by different categories of product, metal or stone type, or indeed by any other factor available for analysis.  It is also hoped that existing Bransom clients will also give permission for their data to be included in the analysis – the more companies that participate, the more accurate the research.

As well as having access to market data reports, users of the new system will be supported by a number of generic direct email marketing templates, targeted for key dates and events during the year; e.g. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mothering Sunday, birthdays and anniversaries.

Companies will be able to identify and select target customers from their database and send them specific and focussed email promotions. For retailers with little or no experience of bulk email marketing, both Bransom and the NAJ’s marketing agency, House Creative, will be on hand to offer support for a fee.

It is expected that the system will be up and running by the time of the IJL show, where NAJ members will be able to see what is on offer on the NAJ’s stand, K26.

Michael Rawlinson, CEO of the NAJ said: “I am delighted that we will soon be able to have access to and publish industry sales data that is both reliable and informative.  At the association, I feel it is our duty to lead in this area in support of growing the sector for everyone that is involved – manufacturers, suppliers and retailers.”

Chris Garland, managing director of Bransom Retail Systems, added: “Cloud based systems allow a low cost of entry into EPoS systems which we hope will encourage both large and small retail members to benefit from a state-of-the-art PoS solution, providing professional receipts which can instantly be emailed with links to both NAJ and retailer websites, while collecting valuable business data from their customers.

“We wanted to work with the NAJ on this project because they are the trade association and will work for the benefit and good of the whole trade.  They are an inclusive organisation, and will be strict and careful with the data, allowing access to the reports only to those who will work for the benefit of all of the trade.”