Technology provider Bransom has introduced virtual workshops to make staff training easier and more cost effective for retailers.

Bransom has for many years provided both on-site and individual online training, but has now utilised the power of internet webinars to conduct virtual workshops and training online to much larger groups, meaning that trainees can learn from the comfort of their office, without incurring travelling or accommodation costs.

“We’ve found that while our workshops in particular have been well-received in the past, clients are finding it harder to afford their staff the time required to travel down to our offices, often meaning more than a day away from the store,” reports Bransom managing director, Chris Garland.


Bransom’s first virtual workshop covered the timely subject of stocktaking and uptake was way above expectations.

“We normally have 6-10 people on a physical workshop, but we had over 30 registrations for the virtual class, which shows how much our clients value this opportunity,” Garland shares.

Attendees can ask questions during the workshop through a chat panel, and should they miss any parts through interruptions or need a refresher, a recording of the webinar is available afterwards.

Bransom’s full workshop schedule can be found on its website at