Punk-inspired range to offer accessible prices and androgynous style.

Brazen Studios is in the early stages of developing an own-label collection, according to founder and creative director Sarah Raffel.

In an exclusive for Professional Jeweller, Raffel commented: “The motivation behind [the own label collection] was the fact we have for several years now, been developing beautiful bespoke jewellery for customers who wish to create something special to mark an important time in their lives. It’s all about births, deaths and marriages.


“For this reason we don’t necessarily follow fashion trends or seasons. These pieces represent something far more than a fashion piece. As a result of this Brazen hasn’t been developing retail collections. With a growing team we feel it’s now the right time to work on some if the ideas we have flirted with in the past.”

Brazen Studios’ new brand will target “price conscious customers” according to Raffel, who has also admitted the new brand will have a “slightly urban steam punk feel”.

She continues: “We want these to be great gift items or pieces you can layer up. It will carry a range of styles and pieces that range from identifiably female and male to those that are far more androgynous.”

An official launch date for the Glasgow-based businesses new jewellery brand has not been given. However, the company has hinted at a pre-Christmas launch being the ideal choice.