BRC and Google to track online retail traffic

New quarterly report will measure web equivalent of store footfall.

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) and Google have joined forces to begin publishing a new quarterly report which will quantify the growth of online retail traffic.

The BRC-Google Online Retail Monitor (ORM) will measure traffic for the part of the retail sector operating online, essentially the equivalent of footfall for store retailing.

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It will report changes and trends in numbers of unique visitors to retail websites, comparing the performance of online-only retailers with multi-channel retailers.

There will be a geographical breakdown of online activity and the growth of smartphone retail traffic will also be measured. A ranking of the most popular retail search terms will show current consumer trends.

Google senior industry retail head John Gillan said: “The launch of the Online Retail Monitor marks a huge step in achieving multichannel measurability for the online retail sector. The tool will be able to quantify the growing traffic to the fast-changing retail industry, as well as establish key trends and determine retail hot spots for online traffic. As the most advanced e-commerce country in the world, the ORM can further drive the UK retail economy.”

The ORM will be published for the first time in mid-April.



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