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Former Pandora chief Jesper Nielsen accused of leaving thousands of his ambassadors ‘high and dry’


A former Pandora chief has been accused of deserting 76,000 ‘ambassadors’ that worked for and contributed to his eponymous jewellery brand.

A Change.org petition claims that Jesper Nielsen, who is credited with driving Pandora’s growth throughout Europe during his time at the helm, has pulled the plug on his ‘JN’ brand without any explanation.

The main Jesper Nielsen website is currently under construction, but a message posted on social media by the brand last week said it had closed all activities.

The sudden closure of the brand leaves around 76,000 ambassadors “high and dry”, according to the petition.

Mary Francese, a former Jesper Nielsen ambassador, set up the petition, writing: “We got conned. We got robbed. I will not stay silenced. We created Noise to promote JN. Let’s create noise to get the justice we deserve!!

“Please sign the petition so we can hopefully get answers! To my fellow ambassadors who are affected by this… I’m so sorry, and I’m on your side!”

The petition, which has been signed by 1,745 people and has a goal of 2,500 signatures, claims that the ambassadors’ calls and messages are being ignored by the business.

“Søren blocked me and many others,” writes Francese. “Jesper deleted his social media accounts. Annette is silenced. Why are we not getting answers?”

Among the many accusations levelled against the business are that it has left ambassadors unpaid, orders unfulfilled and failed to honour prizes that it offered such as cars and trips.

However, in its notice on social media, JN stated that all ambassadors would receive their commission and all outstanding orders would be fulfilled.

Meanwhile, a separate Change.org petition started by Jaclyn Ross claims that Jesper Nielsen was selling jewellery bought for $5 and upmarking the price to $500.

Another petition, set up by Angela Cassidy, claims the business was an MLM, or ‘multilevel marketing business’, a term often associated with pyramid schemes.

Cassidy alleges that Mr Nielsen has founded an identical business already, saying: “Within hours Ambassadors found a new online business with exactly the same designs, and worse, their customers could log in using their JN customer login details, therefore Jesper Nielsen […] transferred customers[‘] details and information to a new business, breaching many Data protection Laws.”

The Jesper Nielsen ambassadors found out about the closure in a brief post (below) that read: “We’re sorry…! JN will from today close all activities globally in Network Marketing! We will in the coming weeks fulfill our outstanding orders for customers and payout[sic] earned commissions for our Ambassadors. We would like to thank you all for the last years. Your JN team.”

A source from one of Jesper Nielsen’s ambassadors told Professional Jeweller: “Jesper Nielsen has shut down his JN MLM business and left thousands of ambassadors and customers out of pocket.

“Orders started being unfulfilled and commission stopped being paid a number of weeks ago. We just kept being told that they were moving the operation to Spain and JN 2 was being developed, [and that] everything would work itself out.

“Then suddenly on Friday we received the message on the JN Facebook group that they had closed. Jesper removed his FB profile and stopped answering emails. We have since found out that the company has gone into liquidation.”

Professional Jeweller has reached out to Mr Nielsen and JN for comment.

Read below an interview with two of the company’s disgruntled ambassadors:

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