A number of leading De Beers customers have committed to becoming carbon neutral in what marks an ambitious step towards creating a completely sustainable and responsible diamond pipeline.  

At a milestone meeting led by industry advisors Gemdax and joined by De Beers, nine diamond companies put forward a commitment to transform the so-called ‘midstream’, working towards a completely sustainable and ethical supply chain.

The nine – D Navinchandra Gems, Dianco, Diamant Impex, Diarush, HVK International, Hari Darshan, H Dipak and Co, Yaelstar, and StarRays – have all committed to developing concrete roadmaps to reduce carbon emissions, which will be reviewed and assessed every six months.


The moves comes as consumers increasingly demand that not only are diamonds mined and sourced responsibly, but that the manufacturing and trading process is consistent with their values and environmental views, which includes having a net zero carbon footprint.

Manufacturing typically emits carbon in its use of conventional electricity sources, transport and distribution methods.

There are improvement opportunities in all these areas, on top of bringing wider social and environment benefits.

“There is no task more important than inspiring consumers with what we call the ‘Diamond Dream’. Our mission is to educate consumers on the industry and positive social contribution diamonds make to the world today,” stated Stephen Lussier, EVP marketing at De Beers.

Anish Aggarwal, Gemdax partner, said: “This work builds on the tremendous efforts De Beers has made to create sustainable mining. As a next phase, it was important to bring the midstream on board. Without them, we can’t complete the picture and give the consumer what they increasingly want, which is a sustainable diamond from the mine to their finger.”

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