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BREAKING NEWS: NAJ announces redundancies beginning next month


The National Association of Jewellers (NAJ) has announced it will be making redundancies as a direct result of the coronavirus lockdown.

The NAJ released a statement, in which it said it had received word from the British Allied Trades Federation (BATF), of which it is a member.

BATF confirmed that it will be considering redundancies and other changes to job roles within the NAJ, as well as in the Gitfware Association and the Federation Centre.

The NAJ’s statement read: “At this stage it is not clear exactly how many job roles will be at risk, but we will endeavour to minimise this.

“As soon as we are able, we will inform those employees who initially may be affected by the proposals and will consult with them.  We anticipate at this stage that redundancies would take place no earlier than August 2020.

“I am very sorry to have to make this announcement and assure you we will proceed as swiftly, diligently and sensitively as we are able to.”

The Association confirmed that it has also looked at ways to cut costs outside of job losses.

Gary Wroe, NAJ chairman, commented: “Even before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the NAJ was struggling to balance its finances since the BJA/NAG merger.

“COVID-19 has clearly exacerbated and compounded this situation. It has not only affected the NAJ but our other Member Trade Associations too.

“The Federation Board, in conjunction with the NAJ and its other Trade Associations, will now all work closely together to enable a restructure to be carried out to ensure that we are fit for purpose.”

Wroe added: “Discussions regarding this restructure have been taking place for a short while and we are delighted to say that our management team have been feeding into this process and will continue to do so as it progresses.”

This is not the first measure the NAJ has taken to try to mitigate the financial effects of COVID-19.

In April it made the decision to furlough its CEO, Simon Forrester. Read more below:

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