The UK’s departure from the EU has been an uncertainty for a lot of businesses for almost five years. From 1st January 2021 we experienced first-hand what it meant for business.

Since 2016, River Mounts have been planning ahead, making contingency plans based on multiple scenarios and executed the plans as best they can for the eventual split. Given the black swan event of Covid-19 and the ensuing devastation, those plans were rewritten and adapted to a more pragmatic approach in their day-to-day operation.

As River Mounts see it as their responsibility to continue supporting all their customers in both the UK and the EU, they have opened a trade counter in the world-famous diamond district of Antwerp in Belgium last year. With a website that is continuously upgraded and their huge stock-holding, they are able to fulfil customer orders much faster in their own country with their signature award-winning service.


This combination of stock and website have reinforced their reliability and speed of delivery. Many customers now reserve daily through their website, using the intuitive design finders to locate the perfect piece of jewellery. Being able to quote the customer anytime from anywhere has really helped their customers during the lockdowns.

Knowing the item is in stock and can be with them on appro or for sale the next business day has also helped many customers confidently close sales. This is what River Mounts pride themselves on and view as their single most important mission: ‘Helping you sell’.

River Mounts are optimistic about the future, citing their stock and website as keys to their outstanding customer service.