The digital AdiVERSE wall at Adidas was created by Start JudgeGill.

Take inspiration from Adidas for a truly multichannel experience.

The balancing act between online and offline retail is precarious, with many retailers pushing the boundaries of store design to integrate elements of the web in stores and elements of stores on the web.

At Adidas, it has perhaps found the perfect solution to combining the virtual world and the real one with its the adiVERSE Virtual Footwear Wall.


The digital wall was created by Start JudgeGill, one of the UK’s leading branding, digital and retail agencies, to transform the way Adidas footwear is sold.

AdiVERSE demonstrates the sportswear giant’s vision of a connected retail world in which customers are able to browse, personalise and purchase trainers direct from a giant video screen.

Think of it as an iPad screen several metres across, with the same simple presentation of products and services in 3D rotating icons, and the same functionality to allow people to tap and swipe their way through its databanks.

The system gives Adidas the opportunity to offer the largest range of products in even the smallest stores, effectively bringing the flagship store range and the entire e-commerce range to every store in the world.

Behind the scenes, the system recognises the gender and age of shoppers that approach the screen, and automatically presents products that they are most likely to buy.

It also adjusts background videos to match the footwear that is being browsed by the customer – for example a football match for football boots, or a tennis court for trainers.

The system is also able to connect to a customer’s social network profile, so that their choices and recommendations can be instantly translated to all their digital friends.

“We believe that the future of retailing lies in bringing together the best of digital media, interactivity, and product presentation to offer extraordinary and complimentary retail experiences in store, of which adiVERSE is a perfect example,” says said Dave Judge, creative director of Start JudgeGill. “We truly believe innovations such as this will not only drive sales, but will radically change the face of retailing and the way consumers interact with retail brands and their products.”

With many jewellers using web-based iPad technology to open up jewellery suppliers’ entire back catalogues to shoppers without having to invest in enormous stock costs – something that is particularly useful for bridal and diamond sales – this could be the next step; not battling online with a high street offer but embracing both in a store setting populated by real life jewellery experts who are on hand to provide a personal service and expert knowledge.

This article was taken from the November 2012 issue of Professional Jeweller. To read the issue online, click here.