Picchiotti - Xpandables 2017

In Picchiotti’s 50th anniversary year the luxury Italian jewellery brand has shown no signs of slowing down as it has highlighted its high-quality and craftsmanship with striking limited edition hero designs at the big trade shows.

In the UK however, and from a commercial point of view, while the industry has been very impressed with the brand’s celebratory pieces, it’s the Xpandable range that continues to drive sales for retailers throughout the country.

The launch of the Xpandabe range has broadened Picchiotti’s consumer market in the UK as people have praised that invisible and innovative technology which allows pieces to expand and contract — meaning all pieces are easy to wear. New for 2017, the collection added gemstone adorned pieces and played with shapes, designs and patterns.


The range features rings and bracelets, perfect for aisle style and beyond.