Why a half-carat is becoming the perfect choice for UK brides.

Solitaires and halos are set to be the engagement ring styles of choice in 2014, but what about the central stone?

It appears that diamonds of .50ct weight are becoming the average choice for UK brides. According to Brown & Newirth sales director John Ball, retailer feedback shows that round brilliant-cut diamonds upwards of .50ct are the most popular in terms of carat weight, while the average stone sold at retailer ROX hits the half-carat mark.


Lee Ruben of Gemex says its average ring will feature a .50ct stone, but it has high demand from .30ct up to .70ct. At Green + Benz in Sheffield the average stone weight is a little smaller – .20ct to .30ct – however customers often seek stones of higher clarity.

This Bridal Trend was taken from the Bridal Report in the February 2014 issue of Professional Jeweller. To read the issue in full online, click here.