How brides-to-be are forging their dream weddings using digital tools.

The rise of image sharing sites such as Pinterest and Instagram allow today’s brides to become even more social with their wedding planning.

They can ‘pin’ dresses, decorations or jewellery that they see online into virtual scrapbooks, asking their followers or the wider online community for their opinion as they build their dream wedding through the screen of their computer, tablet or phone.


The impact of social media has been noted by ROX, which has jumped on board with inspiration sites such as Pinterest to gauge what today’s brides are looking for from their rings. “Our buying team closely follow trends to make sure we are always ahead of the curve,” states ROX managing director Kyron Keogh. “However this goes far beyond reading magazines and attending exhibition; we take inspiration from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube, as well as great wedding blogs to keep up to date with bridal trends.”

Domino’s new product development team are similarly social media savvy, looking to high street fashion to filter trends into their wedding collections, as well as researching wider influences such as interior design to select future motifs to then weave into their bridal ring designs.

This Bridal Trend was taken from the February issue of Professional Jeweller. To read the issue in full online, click here.