Goldsmiths has revealed that the amount women expect fiancees-to-be to spend on engagement stands at no more than £1,500.

The Goldsmiths report, which questioned almost 2,000 brides and wedding guests, revealed the average UK bride-to-be expects their partners to pay no more than £1,500 on their engagement ring,

While it is a long standing tradition for a man to spend one month’s wage on an engagement ring, which on average is around £1,990 a month, recent research from Diamond Heaven’s revealed the average amount Brits will spend on an engagement ring is around the £1,650 mark.


While the report identified that brides-to-be, on average, are expecting their partners to spent less on popping the question, it also revealed that Manchester is home to the most demanding brides-to-be, with the majority hoping their grooms will pay 50% above the national average on their ring, spending an average £2,309.

Goldsmiths also reported that more than three quarters (77%) of women questioned would prefer to choose their own engagement ring, in addition to the fact that 75% of men admit they would be hurt if they proposed and their partner wanted to exchange the ring.

The research also questioned consumers’ ring preferences and revealed that 69% of participants said quality is more important than the size of a stone in the ring.

Craig Bolton, executive director at Goldsmiths, commented: “It’s fascinating to get an insight into the UK’s thoughts around what is right and wrong when it comes to wedding celebrations – especially when it’s so important for things to run smoothly on the big day. Brides-to-be being more impressed with quality than quantity when it comes to the stone in their engagement ring was a particular shock for us – but it’s brilliant that people are openly discussing what they are looking for in their ideal ring.

“We have certainly seen an increase in people coming into our stores with a ‘holding ring’ and making the final ring choices together as a couple. It seems discounted rings are also a no-no with brides-to-be.”


  1. This is a brilliant example of valuing something by how much you paid for it, as a jeweller I see a lot of absolute rubbish priced at that price point brought to me for sizing etc.We have 12 trays of engagement rings which are second hand- but restored to “as new”, and I get comments from customers such as “That is exactly what I want but I want to spend about double that amount” I also despair when I see the rubbish people buy because they want “a full one carat” solitare, with a budget of £1000. -no knowledge of the clarity or the colour of the stone they just need to be able to say my solitaire is a carat, then they bring them to me and ask if I can make them sparkle a bit more like their friends ring “-because theirs is only quarter carat but looks much more sparkly” . As I said …..I despair!