Yubl can offer better insight than Instagram likes

Independent jewellers in Brighton have highlighted Instagram as a vital social media tool for their businesses.  

While most Brighton jewellers have a presence on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, in conversation with Professional Jeweller many of them emphasised the value of Instagram for creating community and showcasing what the company is really about.

Baroque Jewellery co-director, Pippa Knowles, comments: “We have found Instagram an invaluable tool and more of true and immediate representation of our brand and products than our website – mainly because it’s so easy to use via our amazing smartphone cameras and uploading images are equally as simple.”


Baroque jewellery is currently in the process of developing its new website. The business is looking to add a constant feed of its Instagram updates to the site in the near future.

“We have probably made more sales via Instagram than we ever have advertising in the local Brighton magazines,” Knowles continues.

House of Hoye jewellery designer and owner, Jeremy Hoye, loves Instagram because it highlights to consumers how all of the company’s jewellery is designed and made in store.

“We use Instagram because its visual . The same with Facebook and Twitter , it make what we do more personal and real. Customers can see I design and make the jewellery here.”

For Goodman Morris, Instagram allows the store to interact with potential customers from all around the world.

“We love Instagram,” expresses Goodman Morris owner Nicky Morris. “It feels like a very positive, global, self selecting community. For us it is the most interactive form of social media that we use. It’s a great tool. It’s creative and quick.”

She adds: “It allows you to post images of work and get immediate feedback. It’s also a great way to share inspiration, random things that interest you and to really connect with other users as well as a way to find other like-minded people.”

Professional Jeweller spoke to the above jewellers during its visit to Brighton for PJ Cityscapes. Read the full report in the August issue next month.

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