British jewellery designer Kat Florence has accused Sarah Jessica Parker of borrowing $150,000 (£114K) worth of jewellery and not returning it.

The claim comes as an amendment to the jewellery designer’s ongoing legal court case against the American actress, where she is being sued for breach of contract.

In 2016, Kat Florence launched a collaborative collection with Sarah Jessica Parker, but claims the well-known star failed to promote and support the range as she was contracted to.


Now, according to court documents, lawyers for Kat Florence have filed an amended complaint that includes the allegation that Sarah Jessica Parker borrowed around $150,000 (£114K) in jewellery from the brand and never returned it.

Florence originally filed suit against the actress in April 2018, claiming she did not live up to her contracted – namely missing agreed-upon promotional events and not doing interviews about the line. The jewellery designer claims this breach of contract damaged the lines success.

The actress counter-sued in July, declaring the Kat Florence brand stopped upholding its end of the deal by neglecting to pay her several agreed-upon fees.

As the legal dispute continues Kat Florence is now claiming the actress didn’t return jewellery she asked to personally borrow after a photoshoot.

The court document says the jewellery includes two necklaces, earrings, and a rings.

The star’s lawyer, Ira Schreck, has released a statement against the claims. “SJP was under contract to Kat Florence and was asked to keep the jewellery so she could wear it on red carpets and other events when appropriate.”

“Sarah Jessica Parker is as honest and trustworthy a person as anyone I’ve ever met. She’s never and would never hold onto anything belonging to someone else. In fact, she’s been asking ever since Kat Florence wrongfully stopped paying her to have the pieces returned but Kat Florence didn’t seem terribly interested in getting them back.”