British designer Kat Florence is suing American actress Sarah Jessica Parker for failing to promote a collaborative line of jewellery.

According to WWD, Kat Florence is accusing the Sex in the City actress of not supporting the luxury jewellery brand’s Flawless Diamonds collection, which was launched in 2016 and created as a collaboration between both parties.

Kat Florence told a New York federal court this week that Parker, who had final approval on the collection’s designs, was paid $5 million in installments and received 10% of all profits from the jewellery sales, which ended up totaling around $7.5 million, through a licensing contract that also called for her to publicly endorse the line through photoshoots, interviews and public appearances.


According to the designer, Sarah Jessica Park didn’t live up to the terms of endorsement and therefore she is suing for breach of contract and negligent misrepresentation.

Kat Florence claims Parker made it extremely difficult for her to schedule a launch event, giving her only one possible date and it was in the middle of the afternoon, so the designer had to cancel the party despite already investing over $1 million.

She is also accusing the star of saying she wouldn’t be able to promote the line for five months because she had begun filming for a TV show, and the actress did not wear the jewellery or support the launch on her social media accounts.

Furthermore, the actress allegedly refused to do interviews in relation to the jewellery line, and said she was too busy to fly to England to attend the opening of the designer’s London store, despite actually being in the country at the same time, where she instead chose to promote her perfume.

Kat Florence is seeking damages related to costs producing the line with Parker, along with compensatory damages.