A Staffordshire jeweller has been commissioned to create replicas of what experts believe could be the oldest Iron Age gold discovered in Britain.

The gold jewellery pieces were found late last year in a farmer’s field in the Staffordshire village of Leekfirth .

The discovery made national press as experts revealed it could be the earliest example of gold jewellery ever to be discovered in the UK, stating the pieces could date back as far as 400BC.


The family who own the field the pieces were discovered in have now asked local jeweller, Jacqueline Harold to create exact copies.

Harold accepted the commission and says she will use age-old techniques to make the replicas.

Talking to the BBC the jeweller explained: “It’s going to be a challenge to get it right, and to get the dimensions because I do not have the length here. But the way it is made is not dissimilar to how we make things now, other than the technology we have now, which means we can possibly add more detail. ”

The real items are currently still being examined by experts and valued at the British Museum.

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