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British jeweller shaken by smash and grab raid


British jeweller Dinny Hall has announced that its Hampstead location was attacked and raided during the early house of Saturday, October 6.

In an unexpected theft in the usually quaint and safe Hampstead village setting, four men, two on motorcycles, caught on in-store CCTV, stormed into the store ruthlessly breaking display cases to access the jewellery, leaving a trail of debris, glass and jewellery strewn in their wake.

Located in the heart of Hampstead High street, the store has become a destination jeweller for the local Hampstead community and visitors alike since opening in December 2016 and this robbery has shaken both the brand and local community.

“Of course we are devastated, we are a small team and have worked incredibly hard to make our Hampstead store integrally part of the local retail community,” shares chief executive officer and creative director of the eponymous brand, Dinny Hall. “We will pull together with the help of our fantastic local support network in Hampstead and stand strong against this type of anti-social behaviour. We are working on procedures to immediately increase our security at the store and will pull together to get the store back up and running as soon as possible.”

Plans to restore and reopen the local boutique are already underway, with Dinny Hall and her team focussed and positive that this will not disrupt the success of the store to date or the expansion plans for the brand, set for December this year and into 2018.

The British jeweller currently has four London locations with a fifth set to open before Christmas in Marylebone.


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