Lincolnshire-based brand, Dollie Jewellery, is giving beachcombers in Cleethorpes a chance to find ten solid gold cockle shell charms worth £75 each.

The silver jewellery brand based in Cleethorpes is joining forces with local paddle boarding and environmental centre Ebb & Flo to create a beach clean with a treasure hunt twist.

In an attempt to get as many people out onto the beach and help pick up litter, Dollie Jewellery has created  300 bronze cast cockle shells, which will be scattered randomly across the surface of the beach on the morning of the clean up. People are then encouraged to treasure hunt for the shells, which will then be strung on cord to make a friendship bracelet free of charge by the Dollie Jewellery team after the clean up. The only catch is, each person must pick up three items of beach litter  in order to take away any bronze shell they find.


Weston Beamor the casting house based in Birmingham, which has cast the 300 bronze shells, has generously donated ten solid 9ct gold cockle shells free of charge, to make the beach clean up into a real treasure hunt.

Dollie Jewellery managing director, Karen Webb- Meek shares: ” We love our beach here at Cleethorpes, its is a real jewel on the east coast and as a brand we use the location a lot in our social media images and photo shoots to help promote our brand, we really wanted to encourage people to look after this amazing place. We have got the idea after speaking to our jewellery friends in Orkney who have organised a similar event for a beach clean up there, so we thought we would try to replicate their success here in Cleethorpes.”

The Beach Clean up and Treasure hunt will take place on the morning of Sunday September 23rd at 10am.

The ten solid gold shells will be identified by having a piece of  organic string knotted to the shell. Bronze and gold are natural organic materials and any shells not found will not harm the beach or environment but will eventually erode away, and become part of the beach itself.

Once treasure hunters have picked up litter and found a shell of bronze of gold, if they visit the In The Pink Jewellery store in Cleethorpes, their lucky find will be made into a friendship bracelet free of charge.