UK plastic waste solution platform Orca Sound Project has collaborated with British jewellery designer Hannah Warner.

The jewellery collection, which incorporates collected ocean plastics, was made to raise awareness of the ocean plastic waste crisis.

It features two rings and one necklace – all made from 100% upcycled ocean plastics collected from the shores of Ibiza.


The pieces comes in silver or gold and in three different colours – Cosmic, Ocean and Midnight.

20% of profits will be directly put towards ongoing clean-up activity on Ibiza, and Orca Sound Project will keep customers regularly updated on the progress.

Jolyon Klean, founder of Orca Sound Project, said: “We are committed to supporting the preservation of Ibiza and inspiring ongoing conscious living and tourism on the island.

“We are proud to be collaborating with our good friend and design visionary Hannah Warner.

“Each piece is totally unique and represents our community’s desire to create positive change.

“This jewellery collection is a visual expression of our collaborative responsibility to live more consciously and protect our oceans.”

Known for her exquisite ranges which have adorned the likes of Rhianna for Vogue China, Alice Dellal, Hannah Warner has created three separate lines for the Orca Sound Project range, each carrying at its heart upcycled microplastics collected from previous beach cleans on the no-longer-pristine beaches of the Balearic island.

“All of us are aware of the dangers our planet is in,” she commented. “When the Orca Sound Project team showed me the staggering statistics of Ibiza’s waste problem and the time it has to create change before it’s too late, there was no hesitation for me to get involved in a creative project with them collaborating with their process of collecting and compressing waste plastic and reusing it to make wearable pieces of jewellery.

“Every consumer of each piece of the collection will be helping towards the cause.”