An interview with British jewellery designer Shaun Leane will take place at China Fashion Week this Saturday, 31 October.

The industry will be able to catch up on this and other talks given at the event after the fact on the London Design Academy (LDA) website.

Leane is an award-winning designer best known for his collaborations with Alexander McQueen.


His pieces have been worn by various members of the British Royal Family, as well as celebrities like Emma Watson and Elton John.

Leane’s talk will be available online from 6pm on Saturday.

Other speakers at China Fashion Week will include: Jimmy Choo, Iris Van Herpen, Andrew Ramroop, CM and Zowie Broach.

The East West Fashion Dialogue, running virtually until 1 November, is taking place as part of China Fashion Week.

Qinghui Zhang, chairman of China Fashion Association and the organising committee of China Fashion Week, confirmed: “China Fashion Association and China Fashion Week are always dedicated to promoting exchange and cooperation between East and West fashion industries, and it’s our responsibility to rebuild the connection especially under the isolated epidemic period.”

More content from the events can be seen on the LDA and China Fashion Week Facebook and YouTube pages.