British Jewellery Week signs designers & retailers

Event to launch at Furr & Co with Tomasz Donocik and Lauren Adriana.

Jewellery designers and retailers have signed up to the inaugural British Jewellery Week, organised by British Silver Week founder Gordon Hamme.

Despite the event’s name, dates have now been confirmed and British Jewellery Week will in fact run over two weeks starting on June 16.

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British Jewellery Week will launch at retailer Furr & Co in Hungerford, Berkshire before staring a national tour taking designs by British-based jewellers on the road.

Designers signed up to British Jewellery Week now include Tomasz Donocik, Lauren Adriana and Jasmine Alexander. The trio of designers are described as fronting the British Jewellery Week campaign.

British Jewellery Week will also show work by Donocik, Adriana and Alexander at London Jewellery Week selling exhibition Treasure.

In a statement, British Silver Week organisers said: “The press and public are already familiar with the big names in British jewellery design – the likes of Stephen Webster, Shaun Leane and Theo Fennell – so British Jewellery Week is all about supporting the new, young wave of talent and celebrating what makes our design so exciting and unique.”

Retailers or designers who want to get involved can now get more information about British Jewellery Week by visiting the newly launched website



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