British jewellery designer Will Odell has launched a new collection which takes its inspiration from the movements and techniques of ballet.

Odell, who has been hand-crafting gold and silver jewellery for over ten years and comes from a long line of metalsmiths, has created the Cambré Collection from his London studio, influenced by the fluid movements of ballerinas across a stage.

The new collection features hammer-textured 18ct gold rings, earrings and pendants, finished with gemstones including blue spinel, pink tourmaline and diamonds.


The ‘Swift Ring’, ‘Cascade Earrings’ and ‘Swift Pendant’ are some of the highlights, priced from £1,000 to £10,000 and available online.

Odell says each item can be “an enduring pleasure, part of everyday life, beautiful – enjoyed for its clean lines, simple forms and tactile quality”.

The Cambré Collection joins Odell’s other popular ranges; the Medway Collection, inspired by Art Deco style and Dune Collection, which is a nod to the imperfections found in rock forms.

Odell established Will Odell Designs in 2007, which then evolved into fine jewellery in 2014. His family have been ironmongers for seven generations since 1745, repairing and making all types of household, architectural and agricultural hardware.