Backbone IT Group develops portal for selling UK jewellery into China.

A British technology consultancy is helping smaller Western luxury brands crack the lucrative Chinese market.

Backbone IT Group has developed an online portal that it says will access the burgeoning community of Chinese buyers looking for high end handbags, jewellery, clothing, cosmetics and other accessories.


The business is particularly suitable for independent luxury brands that design and manufacture in Britain and other European countries.

Two jewellery brands, pearly specialist Orchira and luxury fashion jewellery brand Fikorus, have already committed to use the portal.

“The new class of wealthy, upwardly mobile Chinese want quality Western heritage goods that are wholly designed and manufactured by independent companies. The launch of our new web portal will allow businesses in the UK and other Western countries to tap directly into this market,” said Richard Unwin, a director of Backbone IT Group.

The website will price and sell all goods in Chinese Yuan and Backbone IT Group will assist with translation of product descriptions into Chinese language.

The service is being marketed to luxury goods firms under the name of Backbone IT Group’s parent company, Ashton Lord, but it will be known in China as ‘MydiMyMy’, a combination of Chinese words that imply the meaning ‘excellent shopping’.

Backbone IT, which has 20 employees split between the UK and China, was founded in 1999 by Richard Unwin and Andrew Clarke to specialise in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), web design and online marketing.

It opened an office in Nanjing, China, in 2004 and has since developed a reputation as being among the leading agencies specialising in helping Western companies to access the Chinese market.