FAIRFAX, CA - DECEMBER 18: The Instagram logo is displayed on an Apple iPhone on December 18, 2012 in Fairfax, California. Users of the popular photo-sharing app Instagram are angered over language in Instagram's new terms of service that states that a business may use any of the users photographs in advertising without compensation to the user. The policy is set to go into effect on January 16, 2013. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The vast majority of British retailers have failed to adopt new technology designed to boost online revenues, study reveals.

The selling power of a brand new Instagram shopping feature has not yet been harnessed by 80% of the largest national retailers in the UK, according to new research published by Cybertill which reveals only 20% of retailers utilised the social media platform’s new feature in the first week.

Additionally, since Instagram launched its shopping feature to business accounts in the United Kingdom, as well as Germany France, Italy Brazil, Canada, Spain and Australia last week, just 8% of UK brands have made use of the photo tags which drives followers to buy the Instagrammed-goods online.


The feature now allows users to tap tags and see prices, then link through to the retailer’s website, with the help of a brand new “Shop Now” button. Previously, users would have been directed to a ‘Link in bio’ – disrupting the user journey.

Ian Tomlinson, CEO of Cybertill, comments: “Retailers shouldn’t be precious about selling channels. Smart retailers move quickly to offer consumers what they want, when they want it. Experiential retailing is essential to winning over hearts and minds of consumers.

“Instagram is about as experiential as e-commerce can get. Instagram has always been a very good platform for selling, without the tools to do so effectively. That’s all changed now and retailers need to get with the program, or else be left behind.”

A selection of retailers and brands from the jewellery industry have started experimenting grips with the new technology, with many expressing the desire to harness it because nstagram has already proved invaluable to business.

However, the jewellery trade has often been slow to harness new technology and social media initiatives, so it will probably take a while before Instagram’s shopping feature is used by the majority of the UK industry.