The UK jewellery industry can let out a collective sigh of relief as we can confirm The Pickwick pub in Basel is open for business.

Upon landing yesterday our sister publication WatchPro headed straight to the pub, which has been dubbed the ‘British Embassy’ in Basel, to let our trusted readers know that their traditional end-of-day watering hole is still open despite concerns its doors would be closed this year.

Fear was rife last month when WatchPro revealed that the former eccentric owner had sold the pub in November , citing declining health as the main reason.


Terror spread further when the listed phone number for the establishment was “not in service” and the website was down as well.

Those fears have now been allayed, as the WatchPro team has visited the ‘British Embassy’, spoken to the new owner, and even stepped foot on the hallowed stained carpet in order to confirm that the Brits’ favourite end-of-day hang out will definitely have its doors wide open throughout this year’s exhibition.

Our sister publication is WatchPro is currently in Baselworld securing all the up-to-date news in the watch industry, while Professional Jeweller flies out in a couple of days to report on all things jewellery live from the show.

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