Brown & Newirth reports rewards scheme growth

Bridal firm’s incentive initiative wins 800 participants in the UK.

Brown & Newirth has signed up more than 800 participants to its rewards scheme, an incentive program launched earlier this year for jewellery retail staff.

The program was initially launched within the Company of Master Jewellers buying group before it was rolled out to wider UK stockists of Brown & Newirth. It aims to incentivise retail sales staff to sell Brown & Newirth jewellery in exchange for points that can be redeemed against gifts, from small items such as a bottle of wine through to spa days and flat screen TVs.

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Brown & Newirth sales director John Ball said: "As we had expected due to the level of market research carried out prior to launching Brown & Newirth Rewards, our customers have been very excited to be offered such a wonderful opportunity to enthuse and motivate their sales teams and secure incremental business they may have lost to a competitor prior to the launch of the rewards scheme."

Having secured about 800 participants so far in 2013 Brown & Newirth is aiming to hit about 2,000 registered participants by the end of the year. Ball stated that the majority of participants have been accumulating points to redeem against larger items or days out.

"We spent nine months researching the market and talking to our customers who, ultimately, made the decision that a rewards scheme would be a great way of increasing sales," he said. "There have been some customers who have or had reservations but with the support of our customer service and development teams we have been able to work with them and alleviate any concerns they may have had. In fact, one of those customers [now] has a member of their team in third place in our points awarded league which, we plan to share with our customers."

Brown & Newirth is also poised to launch an advertising campaign for the Brown & Newirth Rewards program.



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