Watchmaker and jewellery brand Bucherer, founded in 1888, has now partnered with Danish jewellery brand Shamballa Jewels for an update of the former’s Blue range.

The Bucherer Blue line, previously comprising only watches, now features two special edition bracelets designed by Shamballa.

Bucherer commissioned the design of the 18ct white gold pieces with the idea that the bracelets would pair well with its many Bucherer Blue timepieces.


There is a non-braided bracelet, in black rhodium-plated 18ct white gold, with brilliant-cut black diamonds, 6 mm black onyx beads and a 6 mm Lapis Lazuli bead.

Alternatively, there is the braided bracelet, a similarly black rhodium-plated 18ct white gold piece with brilliant-cut black diamonds, 10 mm black onyx beads and a 10 mm Lapis Lazuli bead.

Shamballa was founded in 2005 by Mads and Mikkel Kornerup, born out of the brothers’ desire to make understated fine jewellery.

Its pieces, for both men and women, are inspired by Nordic craftsmanship and Eastern philosophy.