The new High Jewellery collection from Bucherer Fine Jewellery pays tribute to Louise and Wilhelmina – two women in the luxury brand’s history who shaped the company through their shared eye for gemstones.

The High Jewellery collection includes six coloured gems and six diamond pieces which aim to serve as powerful instruments for each wearer to fashion a modern version of the empowered self.

In a period where both business and gemmological spheres were dominated by men, Louise and Wilhelmina were pioneers who employed diamonds and gemstones to tell a story of beauty through a female lens.


Louise was married to founder Carl-Friedrich Bucherer and was at the forefront of the growing jewellery business.

Her daughter-in-law, Wilhelmina, became the second generation of spirited Bucherer women – travelling the world to source gemstones that would become the centre pieces of Bucherer jewellery collections.

Pushing the boundaries of female identity, both women became early cosmopolitan explorers.

This empowering story has served as inspiration for the modern artists continuing to subvert cultural norms through empowering jewellery design at Bucherer.

Explore the High Jewellery collection from Bucher Fine Jewellery below.

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