Latest e-commerce site optimised for tablets and smart phones.

Buckley London has redeveloped its online presence with a move to responsive web site that automatically reshapes its design to fit on computer screens, smart phones and tablets.

Responsive web sites are becoming the new normal as an increasing amount of web traffic is generated on mobile devices.


They do more than simply shrink to fit; they reorganise their components so that images and text remain at the best possible size and shape on every device.

The new Buckley London site has been developed by Tainted Media, a graphics, e-commerce and web design company based in West Yorkshire.

“With the growing trend for browsing the web on tablets and mobile phones rather than traditional PCs, we recognise the importance of regularly developing our technology to fit with this changing environment.

"Mobile traffic is set to increase from 50% of all web browsers to 75% mobile / 25% desktop, so this new layout will really modernise the site aesthetically and make for an improved shopping experience for our customers,” says Chloe Sandland, trade marketing manager for Buckley London.