Bullion by Post launches £100k TV ad campaign


UK bullion company Bullion by Post is set to launch its first TV advertising campaign this week as it seeks to build on a record year of business.

The company, located in Birmingham, specialises in offering gold and silver bars and coins directly to consumers. It has invested more than £100,000 developing the campaign, which will air across nine satellite television channels including Sky News, the History Channel, National Geographic, ITV4 and Yesterday.

Bullion by Post has opted for a three-week campaign with both a 60-second advert and a shortened 30-second version. It has also chosen to run adverts with either male and female voiceovers (below), with the aim of increasing the service’s appeal to both sexes. The company hopes to test the response to the male and female voiceovers to analyse how well they engage with the public and win new customers.

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BullionByPost founder Rob Halliday-Stein said: “Currently the majority of our customers are male, but we’re keen to grow our female customer base too, and we hope this may reach out to those who may not have previously considered investing in gold coins or bars.

“We like both versions of the adverts so it’ll be interesting to see whether the male or female voice-over proves more popular. Once we know, we may then look to run that advert over a longer period of time.”

The ads were produced by London advertising agency Space City Productions, with Bullion by Post also working with media buying company Guerillascope.

The campaign is said to mark a successful year for BullionByPost following its move to a new HQ in Birmingham city centre and the expansion of its workforce. Over the next 12 months, the company plans to recruit a further 10 employees and expand into Europe.

Bullion by Post’s sales totalled £87m in the 2012 to 13, a rise of 58% on the previous year. The company says the rise was driven largely by the downturn of the UK economy, fears about the continuing economic instability across the Eurozone and a growing concern about the safety of banks, meaning many investors are now buying gold and silver bars and coins as a way to protect the value of their money.

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