A gang tunnelled their way into a family-run jewellery store in Southport this morning.

The burglars tunnelled their way into Rebecca’s Jewellers on Lord Street before destroying glass cabinets with sledgehammers.

It is believed the gang spent around two hours entering and ransacking the store before the alarm went off in the early hours of the morning.


The value of jewellery stolen has not yet been calculated, but the owners believe it to be “significant”.

Store owner, Mr Sprang, described the raid as “devastating” to the local press.

He said the burglars left the place in a “shocking state”, with glass cabinets smashed to pieces.

Sprang told the Liverpool Echo: “They made a tunnel at back of the shop and came in through the staircase. They took a huge metal door out and smashed the cabinets with sledgehammers.”

“You couldn’t just turn up and do this with a tool kit, it’s taken a lot of planning.”

The family business has been targeted by robbers before but not for more than a decade.

Rebecca’s Jewellers has been in the town since 1974 and is known for its second-hand Rolex watches and diamond jewellery.