Busch, which makes precision-cutting tools for jewellery and other industries, believes it has created the pavé-cutting tool of the future.

Pavé cut burs are used to make pavé settings for precious stones on jewellery.

Busch has now simplified its PavéCut 447AU tool even further, adding to its ease of use.


The new tool combines a twist drill and a round bur in one, meaning the jewellery designer does not have to switch between attachments amid their work.

It is now possible to do the pre-drilling with a twist drill and the shaping and enlargement with a round bur in one single step, the brand revealed in a statement. “This makes changing tools a thing of the past,” Busch wrote.

It estimates this could save users as much as 50% of the time it takes to cut a pavé setting.

The PavéCut is made of hot isostatically compressed finest-grain carbide, which, the brand claimed, ensures a long service life and enhances the cutting performance.