byBiehl is preparing to plant the first 20,000 trees in Madagascar and Indonesia, as a result of a very successful campaign connected with the launch of Jungle Ivy.

Always looking to create jewellery with personal value to the consumer, byBiehl teamed up with the Eden Project to plant a mangrove tree for every piece sold in the latest line.

The goal was to plant more than a thousand mangrove trees in Indonesia and on Madagascar, and help customers put action into their desire to take care of the planet.


The brand has managed to smash this goal though, and is now planting the first 20,000 trees.

Founder, Charlotte Biehl, shares: “With our Jungle Ivy collection, we offer the consumer to put action into their wish on taking care of the planet, as we plant a mangrove tree for every sold jewelley. With an eye to the feedback this collection has received, this is really something the customers are supporting.

“As a company I believe we are obligated to think about nature, and at byBiehl we want to help making a difference. Since the first time I designed a jewellery for byBiehl, my mind has always been on the joy of life and beauty. But to live well, we must take care of the planet. Therefore, it has great personal value to me, that we also do something good for our planet.”

In the brand’s home market, the Jungle Ivy collection sold out in less than a month, and has raised awareness for the environmental cause it supports.

The trees, which are now being planted at Madagascar and in Indonesia, do not only help the environment. They are also part of a socioeconomic project which creates jobs for the locals and makes them into experts in growing mangrove trees.

“The launch of Jungle Ivy has created awareness about our shared responsibility to take care of the planet, which was also my hope for the launch of this campaign. We have received a lot of great responses – especially on our social media channels, where people are sharing our news and reacting very positively towards this campaign #bybiehlgivesbacktonature,” Charlotte Biehl explains.

In September byBiehl will launch some brand new designs to the Jungle Ivy collection, which hopefully will ensure that even more trees being planted.

The second drop of the Jungle Ivy collection will contain necklaces, earrings and bracelets in silver and gold-plated silver.