ByBiehl last week made its next steps into the UK market by introducing its newest collection at the Allbright Room in Mayfair. 

Charlotte Biehl, the brand’s founder, invited a host of influencers and consumer magazines, including ELLE, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan to an exclusive press event where she gave the full story behind the brand and introduced the different collections.

Biehl said: “Right now we see a lot of good response coming from the UK market, and we really want to react upon this positive vibe, by taking the next step into the market in the coming months.


“The first step on our journey will be to turn up the gas on our PR and marketing effort.”

ByBiehl has already experienced success in Scandinavia working with influencer marketing, developing unique design collaborations and exciting events with Scandinavian celebrities.

“In Scandinavia we are quite known for our ways of working with influencers,” Biehl continues.

“We really see how influencers affect the market, and we really want to take advantage on our huge experience within this field of marketing.”

She added that the first UK PR event was a great success, commenting that every attendant loved the collections.

“We also see that in general people are looking very much towards the Scandinavian countries right now, which is a big help for us, trying to get as much brand awareness as possible,” she added.

“We have many of the best jewellery retailers on the UK market, and we really want to help them grow together with byBiehl, and to unlock all of the potential that we see is being unfold right now for our retailers in the Scandinavian market.

“Hopefully we will see this happening the second half of this year, where we will work hard to get a lot of awareness in the UK.”