HIGHLY COMMENDED: C6 by Anne Cohen for Audi Sport

Danish fine jewellery brand C6 by Anne Cohen has set its sight on the UK market in 2016.

The designer brand, which has already seen success in Scandinavia and continental Europe, is now seeking to work in partnership with high‐end retailers in the UK and Ireland and has appointed jewellery PR specialist agency Facets PR to guide its UK marketing.

C6 combines diamonds with carbon fibre in contemporary designs aimed at women and men, and will be exhibiting at The Jewellery and Watch Show Birmingham and the CMJ trade event in February, following its recent acceptance as a CMJ approved supplier.


The C6 design concept is based on the philosophy of carbon – C6 – as the symbol of life. Carbon is the first physical element created in the universe and the first physical element in life. Black as coal and clear as light, carbon in its physical form is in two very different forms: soft, black, malleable carbon, like graphite, coal and carbon fibre, and hard, white, rigid carbon, a diamond.

The brand C6 fuses these two polar opposite formations of the same atom – creating jewellery from pure carbon.

C6 was founded by Danish designer and adventurer Anne Cohen. Cohen sailed across the Atlantic Ocean twice on a 60‐foot Vendé Globe racing boat, constructed from carbon fibre. With a passion for design and materials, Cohen fell in love with carbon as the most simple and yet complex atom. Then, the dream of making jewellery formed out of pure carbon atoms was born.

Every piece of C6 jewellery is carefully crafted by hand and is a long process that transforms raw carbon fibres and diamonds into the final jewel. The diamonds are set directly into the carbon fibre without any additional materials giving C6 a unique composition of pure carbon atoms.