Digital design platform Cadfolio will debut a new service at Jewellery & Watch which allows consumers to mould their engagement rings in store.

Promising to change the way the industry thinks about custom design, Cadfolio has been working closely with its existing clients over the past year to perfect the service and reduce the friction currently seen with making shaped wedding rings.

“This value added service solves a widespread problem which retailers see on a weekly basis,” explains Cadfolio founder, Ryan Edkins. “Consumers simply hate to leave their engagement ring with a jeweller when having to commission a custom shaped wedding ring.


“Often we see many retailers having to hold onto the engagement ring for up to 6-8 weeks. This is simply not acceptable, and I hear many retailers are loosing sales as a result.”

With company’s new ‘shaping kit’, retailers will be able to take an imprint of an engagement ring from one side, and send the moulds back to Cadfolio.

The mould will then be 3D scanned and a design will be created using CAD. Images can then be forwarded to the consumer to visualise how the design will look next to their engagement ring.

“The process only takes a few days, and the feedback so far has been very positive,” continues Edkins.

According to Edkins, the demand for custom-shaped wedding rings has been growing due to the increase in unique engagement ring designs being purchased by couples looking for something a little different.

“I’m still surprised at the sheer variety of engagement ring styles we see with this service, every shape and size imaginable has passed through our platform,” adds Edkins. “The beauty of working with freelance CAD designers in a platform is that it provides a framework for digital design, if an unusual shaped ring design is required, there are hundreds of previous design to reference from, making it a lot easier for the retailer to translate what their customer requires.”

Cadfolio has been quietly growing its platform since its launch in late 2015 at International Jewellery London, where it displayed a wide variety of technology available to the industry. The platform connects jewellery industry professionals with freelance CAD designers around the world to help automate the design and manufacturing process.

This new shaped wedding ring service is another yet another addition to the company’s range of innovative services that have been developed by the founder.

The Shaping kits are to be sold in packs of 10 at a price of £4.95 per kit.

The industry can experience a demonstration of this service at the Cadfolio stand at the upcoming Jewellery & Watch show in Birmingham.