New jewellery industry platform Cadfolio has signed British jewellery manufacturer Hockley Mint to its service.

Cadfolio is built with modern manufacturing and innovation at its core and gives members access to 1000’s of jewellery designs, which can be instantly priced to customer specifications.

Signing to the platform offers the services of Hockley Mint to any of Cadfolio’s registered users.


Cadfolio founder, Ryan Edkins, says: “Its great to have the support of Hockley Mint from launch, not only will it mean their customers will be able to take advantage of our ground breaking retail pricing app, but it will also allow users to discover Hockley Mint as a new supplier of bespoke manufacturing services.”

Gary Wroe, managing director, Hockley Mint adds: “Both myself and the team at Hockley Mint see the potential of Cadfolio. Through working closely together with others from our industry, we can get the full potential from the production process. The key to Cadfolio is the flexibility the system offers its users.”

Cadfolio sponsored the Champagne Bar at IJL as part of the introduction of the social aspect of the network.