Can statement jewellery be too big?


La Diosa co-founder Natasha Faith doesn’t think so.

By Natasha Faith, co-founder and designer, La Diosa

As a lover of beautiful things, my one key love is statement jewellery. Not only does it demand attention, but it denotes power and guarantees confidence; feelings I’m sure are desired and needed in our current climate.

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At La Diosa my key focus has always been to evoke the true qualities of our brand through striking yet refined designs. This style is not new or uncommon; in fact for centuries such jewellery has been created to make men and women feel empowered and illuminate one’s status in society.

Living in Mexico and training with a local group of artisans brought me closer to the concept of statement jewellery equalling power. It humbled my understanding of jewellery and propelled me into a world filled with vibrancy and enchantment.

Yet today, as the trend cycle turns for another season, I feel the concept is being misunderstood and replaced with a questionable question – “Isn’t it too big?” My answer is simply no.

Jewellery is the most emotive accessory on this planet and like shoes it is to be worn on different occasions to reflect your mood. Everybody has days when they would like to feel confident, when they would like to be admired, when they would like to walk into a room and not have to say a word in order to noticed – don’t they?

I visited the launch of a wonderful Arabic designer who showed me some show-stopping statement designs that I was in awe of. It reminded me that many foreign markets are not only comfortable wearing big jewellery, they embrace it. It was truly refreshing.

I feel the enthusiasm for statement jewellery is currently lacking in the UK market. Why not live a life more extraordinary? Dive into a beautifully bespoke world where jewellery speaks volumes about your character and evokes an unyielding sense of power. Didn’t someone once say bigger is better, and bold never gets old? Ok, so I made up the last one, but the first is definitely true.

Brands like ours are unique and exclusive, which I feel is something the consumer is looking for more often in this uncertain time in our economy. So I ask the question again. Too big? I don’t think so.

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