Bullion dealer and precious metal refiner, Capella Manufacturing Ltd, has pledged its support to an innovative art project to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide in Bosnia.

Set up by award-winning designer Gina Melosi, JewelryArt 4 Remembering Srebrenica will feature 8,372 silver Truth snowflakes – one to represent each of the men and boys who were murdered and buried in mass graves – which will be manufactured using 100% recycled sterling silver sheets donated by Capella.

The project, in collaboration with charity Remembering Srebrenica, aims to raise awareness of the atrocity whilst also teaching volunteers who contribute to the project valuable skills in jewellery making. Each participant involved with the project will create a silver snowflake imbued with an affirmative message, inspired by the heavy snowfall Melosi experienced whilst en route to the Srebrenica memorial. Each unique silver snowflake will be pinned with one human life that was lost.


Gina Melosi comments: “Visiting Srebrenica and meeting those affected by what happened was a life-changing experience, and upon my return I’ve pledged to share what I’ve learned in order to raise awareness and help prevent such atrocities from reoccurring.”