Laser engraved solid silver awards created in shape of Isle of Man.

Bullion dealer and precious metal refiner, Capella Manufacturing Ltd, showcased its technical skills by creating unique awards for this year’s IMGold Manx Grand Prix winners.

The company was commissioned to create the bespoke awards by event sponsor IMGold, who requested individually-laser engraved solid silver ingots in the shape of the Isle of Man – the location of the race from August 16 to 29.bullio


IMGold managing director Ed Pearce, commented: “We’ve worked with Capella before, and knew that its exceptionally high tooling capability was such that it would be uniquely able to produce these unusual awards; we were delighted with the results.”

Capella production manager Duncan Marshall, added: “The Capella team enjoys a challenge, and we were pleased to be able utilise our state of the art ingot maker to design and produce the awards. Our customers choose to work with us because of our ability to design and manufacture bespoke pieces that really stand out.”

Established in 1997, Capella is one of only three pure gold refiners in the UK. Additionally, it is the only refiner in the UK, and one of only two in Europe, to have been audited and FLO-CERT accredited to process Fairtrade and Fairmined gold and silver.