When it comes to jewellery trends, consumers are enjoying wearing bright and colourful pieces at the moment, perhaps in a bid to banish the lockdown blues.

But what will they be looking at in six weeks’, or even six months’, time?

Carat* London and Gentle Diamonds head of creative and marketing, Heidi Thompson, shares her thoughts on the hottest jewellery trends for 2021 and beyond.


What trends have you been seeing recently? How has lockdown been impacting consumer trends, do you think?

Probably the most significant trend has probably been around sustainability. There is definitely more awareness around how things are made and their impact.

Do you have any forecasts for the coming year, through summer and into the Christmas period? What should retailers be buying in now?

Lab-created gemstones are going become more prominent in the years ahead, so from our perspective jewellery retailers should see this as an opportunity to differentiate.

They should zig when their competitors are zagging. Gentle Diamonds and Carat* London offer lots of future potential to zig.