Carat* London has recently launched a wholesale order portal for use by the jewellery industry.

“Our wholesale order portal is our digital catalogue,” explained head of creative and marketing, Heidi Thompson. “Customers themselves can place their Carat London and Gentle Diamonds seasonal orders through the portal. All product content and information is right there at your fingertips.”

The system offers high-resolution product images and an easy-to-use search system which lets users enter an items SKU code. “They can also self-service their accounts and see their order history and status online,” added Thompson. “The portal is user-friendly and enables our clients to place their order whenever and wherever.”


What was the motive behind the move? Thompson answered: “Giving our retailers 24/7 access to our wholesale order portal store without having to reach us to place an order can speed things up.

“We will still continue to support our clients if they have any queries, need advice or help during the order process.”

She adds that customers have taken to the system like ducks to water thanks to its simplicity, saying: “With our self-service portal, all approved customers can log in and place their new order or reorder with two clicks!”

The head of creative and marketing concludes: “All of our continuity and our new SS21 ranges within Carat* London and Gentle Diamond range are offered on the wholesale portal.”