Designer takes part in the E17 Art Trail with silhouette jewels.

By Craig Heatly

Designer Carol Zilla will unveil her new collection called Walthamstow Wild at this year’s E17 Art Trail in Walthamstow, a borough of London.

Zilla is a Walthamstow local and jewellery designer. She was inspired by the shapes and silhouettes of the animals that she would see in the local marshland and has created a collection, Urban Wild, referencing foxes, flocks of geese and starlings.


Zilla creates a limited amount of each ethically produced piece, using recycled silver and copper.

The exhibition opens on the first day of the festival – September 2 – at the Inky Cuttlefish Gallery.

She has recently showcased her work in the JeDeCo boutique in the Oxo Tower, of which she is a member.

The visual art festival which runs for two weeks from September 1 features a number of artists, playwrights; poets and designers from Walthamstow display their work throughout the area.