Luxury jewellery house Cartier has announced it will no longer buy gemstones from Burma after campaigners exposed the company for selling pieces adorned with sapphires from the former British colony.

In a post on its American Facebook page, the company owned by Richmont said it had stopped purchasing gemstones that have been mined in Myanmar last Friday. It has also asked suppliers to confirm the stones they provide have not been mined from the country.

This new follows a campaign to boycott the purchase of “genocide gems” over the Burmese government’s prosecution of the Rohingya Muslims, reports The Times.


Cartier faced mounting pressure from more than 70,000 consumers organised by activist group International Campaign for the Rohingya (ICR).

In response the luxury jeweller wrote on Facebook: “As part of continuous review process to ensure ethical sourcing, Catier has decided to stop purchasing gemstones from Myanmar, which will become fully effective as of December 8.”

Jewels from Myanmay have been part of collections in luxury jewellery houses worldwide, costing several thousand pounds. Previous sanctions by the European Union and the USA targeted the jewel industry but have since been lifted.

Cartier joins luxury jeweller Tiffany & Co, which has boycotted stones from Burma since 2003.

According to The Times, ICR plan next to target Bulgari, which advertises several necklaces and earrings featuring Burmese rubies, sapphires and jade.