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Cartier enters mobile gaming arena with new Drest jewellery and watch function


Jewellery and watch brand Cartier has revealed that it has partnered with luxury styling game for mobile, Drest.

Drest launched in late 2019 as a high fashion platform combining editorial content, shopping, gameplay and entertainment.

Now Drest debuts what it has named its Jewellery & Watch Mode in partnership with Cartier.

Cartier is utilising the app as a communications platform for the launch of its Clash
[Un]limited collection.

Jewellery & Watch Mode is a new gameplay feature that enables players to style jewellery and watches on the game’s model avatars.

For the first time, players can also experiment with stacking jewellery to add their style to a photoshoot, helping them to stand out and make an impression on their peers and industry experts.

Arnaud Carrez, senior vice president chief marketing officer at Cartier, said: “Pushing boundaries is at the heart of Cartier’s DNA, and we are continually looking to engage with our audiences with new and relevant experiences.

“The new Clash [Un]limited is an amazing, contemporary collection and the Drest
features will further empower our audience to explore Cartier’s creativity and
creations in an innovative way.”

Drest founder and CEO, Lucy Yeomans, commented: “The world of watches and jewellery is the pinnacle of luxury aspiration, combining some of the most iconic and coveted designs with powerful storytelling.

“Bringing these pieces to life in Drest was a real technical challenge, but we are thrilled with the results, particularly the features that enable our players to get up close to the jewellery and try out our styling variants, such as stacking bracelets and
watches, and using multiple rings.

“Collaborating with the incredible Cartier and its truly iconic designs allows our Drest stylists – fashion-lovers everywhere – to enjoy a true luxury experience, which we are passionate about.

“This new mode provides a uniquely engaging way for jewellery-loving audiences to both experiment and get creatively involved in the storytelling of these very special


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