Leading jewellery lighting specialists Parify has helped independent jewellery retailer Nicholas Wylde increase sales by transforming the store’s lighting.

Celebrating 30 years in business, Nicholas Wylde understands that importance of keeping up to date with industry trends, especially where showcasing jewellery to the best of its ability is concerned.

Always seeking new ideas and innovations within the jewellery market to ensure the store stands out from competitors, Nicholas Wylde met with Parify owners, Andy Twigg and Scot Walker.


“We’re the first to have the best, and the only way we can do that is to make sure that our shop window really stands out from the crowd,” explains Nicholas Wylde, owner of the eponymous store. “After seeing Parify’s Diamond Sparkle and Cerebra in action, I knew that they would change my displays dramatically.”

Co-founders Andy Twigg and Scot Walker our lighting experts.

Wylde worked with Parify’s co-owner and chief engineer, Scot Walker, to discuss the best possible design and service for them. Passionate about bringing new ideas and solutions to the lighting market, Walker was able to create a bespoke window design for Nicholas Wylde that incorporated both Parify’s market-leading Diamond Sparkle and Cerebra products.

“Both Diamond Sparkle and Cerebra are two of our best-sellers.” shares Walker. “They work synergistically to create a stunning sparkle like no other. The lights instantly revolutionised Nicholas Wylde’s window display, ensuring the jewellery collections were shown to their best possible potential.”

Bespoke innovation and manufacture is something that both Nicholas Wylde and Parify have in common.

“Celebrating 30 years in the jewellery trade, I understand the importance of good display lighting,” Wylde shares. “Our bespoke jewellery twinkles superbly in our window due to Parify’s cutting-edge lighting enhancement, ensuring that we stand out from the crowd every time.”

Ultimately, Parify use light creatively to drive sales. Since installation, many of Nicholas’ clients have noticed the transformation in the window display and this has in turn increased sales for the jewellery store.

Andy Twigg, co-owner of Parify, comments: “We design and develop lighting, but we care about the client. No issue is either too big or too small to resolve and our company prides itself on enabling our retailers to improve their sales and improve the look of their products.”

Working with over 1,000 jewellers in the UK, and currently expanding to the USA, Parify continue to push the boundaries in bespoke jewellery design and manufacture.

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